Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Entergy, Indian Point, Washington Lies

So, seems that Hilliary Clinton is wanting to play games with the people living within the shadow of death that is Entergy's failing and delapidated Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. When her staff was asked straight forward if she opposed relicensing of the facility, they refused to answer the question, and said Hilliary Clinton would not answer that question....just the kind of behavior "The Hill" LOVES....here's the story.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
John Hall On Indian Point/Hilliary Clinton-Hedging Bets

First, Hilliary Clinton-today I got a phone call from one of Hilliary Clinton's staff members...at the first blush, this is a good thing one would assume...or is it? After explaining why I had called her office said mousy little Prissy Missy gave me the patented "Thank you for your call, and I'll pass your COMMENTS along to Hilliary Clinton". Uhhhh....excuse me you little gum chewing poorly paid Gold Digger looking for a K Street job...I don't want my comments passed along to Hilliary Clinton, as a constituent with CONCERNS about Indian Point, I want some ANSWERS. Let me ask you again, "Does Senator Clinton OPPOSE the relicensing of Indian Point, or is she in support of relicensing Indian Point? Simple question, to which this dim light bulb replied...Senator Clinton has not taken a position on that, if she does, you can read about it on her WEBPAGE...at this point, I lost my temper. So, will ask both Senator Clinton, and Congressman John Hall here in this blog, to be followed by CERTIFIED MAIL....do you oppose the licensing of Indian Point, and are you prepared to stand with the citizens in the AFFECTED AREA in doing everything within your power to CLOSE SAID FAILING ENTERGY NUCLEAR FACILITY....further, are you prepared to work with citizens such as myself to petition the NRC for rule making that would force ALL NUCLEAR PLANTS to have a viable and working Emergency Plan, as well as the financial ability to make ALL CITIZENS 100 PERCENT financially WHOLE AFTER A MAJOR NUCLEAR INCIDENT.

John Hall's Press Release

Congressman-Elect John Hall
Democrat – NY 19

For Immediate Release
December 5, 2006

Congressman-Elect John Hall Objects to NRC’s Indian Point Ruling More importantly, do John Hall and Hilliary Clinton OPPOSE relicensing the facility. Stop the SMOKE SCREEN, answer the question.

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman-Elect John Hall sharply criticized the Nuclear Regulatory Commission today for rejecting a petition by Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano to include safety concerns regarding evacuation plans and terrorism when considering Entergy Nuclear Northeast’s re-licensing application for the Indian Point power plants in Buchanan, NY.

Hall, who is in the nation’s capital to complete a congressional orientation program, said: “I strenuously object to the NRC’s decision and look forward to working with Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano and other elected officials in the region to discuss how to proceed with the issues surrounding the re-licensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants.

“In the meantime, my first request to the NRC is that they table Entergy’s application for re-licensing Indian Point until the current leaks of radioactive strontium 90 and tritium have been located, stopped and contained, and the pool of radioactive material beneath the plant be removed before it seeps into the groundwater. This is the least Entergy can do to show that they are living up to their charter’s promise of ensuring public safety.” Get real John Hall, this cute chit does NOT WORK...further, you either completely OPPOSE the relicense of the facility, or you lied to us the voters. Are you going to GET TOUGH and weigh in heavily on this, OR NOT?

Recently, Entergy indicated that it would seek re-licensing of Indian Point through 2035.

Congressman-Elect Hall has called for the Indian Point facility to be converted into a research and development center for safe, domestic, renewable forms of alternative energy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Example of the TRIPE Found on The Hill

This guy is a serious cheese wad applauding the delivery of CHEAP Citgo winter heating oil to the Bronx....if he had any class, said Hugo Chavez oil would have been REFUSED. Serrano has NO CLASS, but then neither does "The Hill" which is a perfect example of a Washington rotten with corruption and special interest groups selling their wares to the Capital via K Street whore houses.

Today I welcomed the ceremonial first delivery of discounted heating oil for low income residents of the Bronx from CITGO-marking the renewal of a very popular program from last winter.

Citizen’s Energy-the non-profit heating oil distribution company run by former Representative Joseph Kennedy II-will handle the distribution of the discount fuel this winter throughout New York City’s five boroughs and was on hand for the first delivery. Their expertise will help expand this program to many more residents of New York City.

It is great that CITGO is continuing and expanding their discounted home heating oil program for this coming winter. The program is testament to the power of corporations to do good deeds in the communities where they operate, if they put their mind to it. I intend to ask other oil companies to contribute discounted heating oil to the citizens of the Bronx as well-and I hope that they will follow CITGO’s lead.

I also intend to work with my Democratic colleagues to make sure that there is adequate LIHEAP funding this year. Our government has a responsibility to help low-income families stay warm through the winter months. Posted by N.Y. Dem. Rep. Jose Serrano (This guy is a CLASSLESS ACT...disgusting he would trumpet cheap oil gotten from a scumbag.)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Challenge "The Hill" to Support This Call For Pardon


Saturday, November 18, 2006
Amnesty For Border Patrol Agents

Am assuming here, that any one not living under a rock is familiar with this story...two border patrol agents sentenced to HARSH prison sentences for doing their job, while our court system gave IMMUNITY to a drug dealer/smuggler. There is a moment afoot to see these twoheroes granted Amnesty...a moment I support, which is why I am posting the groups message to all of my blogs. I hope you will support this cause, and support these two border agents.




Dear Friend:

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is leading a campaign to pardon two Border Patrol agents whose only "crime" was doing their jobs ... and he has asked for our help.

On October 19th, United States Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were convicted and sentenced to 11 and 12 years in federal prison respectively for firing shots at a Mexican drug smuggler who brought 743 pounds of marijuana across the U.S. border!

And if we don't act immediately to prevent this outrage, Agents Ramos and Compean must surrender themselves to Federal authorities -- and will be sent to prison!

If you are already familiar with the story, please click here to send an email to the President, expressing your outrage over this blatant miscarriage of justice

Agent Ramos served the Border Patrol for 9 years and was a former nominee for Border Patrol Agent of the Year. Agent Compean had 5 years of experience as a border agent.

The two agents were vigorously prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, but the smuggler was granted full immunity to testify against the agents!

Rep. Jones sent a letter to the White House to express his outrage over the President's indifference toward the plight of these two agents. "Despite my repeated requests for an investigation of this case, and a request by a dozen Members of Congress for the President to pardon these agents, this administration has ignored the concerns of countless citizens who have decried the unjust prosecution of these two heroes."

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow dismissed the idea of a Presidential pardon for these agents as ‘‘nonsensical.’’

Nonsense? What makes no sense at all is for the president to direct his U.S. Attorney's office to go after two dedicated BP agents while allowing a major drug smuggler to go free!

The drug smuggler, who was wounded while trying to escape, received full medical care (at taxpayer's expense); was permitted to return to Mexico; and is now suing the Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights!

What message does this kind of treatment send to all those other BP agents who risk their lives daily to stop the flow of drugs, illegal aliens and even terrorists across our 2500-mile-long Mexican border? No wonder the President's rating has plunged to below 30%

Please send your email today and then be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors to visit our website so they can send their own messages to the President!

Thank you for your help and continued support for our work.

Best Regards,
Edward I. Nelson, Chairman

P.S. Please accept my apologies if you had asked to be removed from our files. We experienced a computer problem that corrupted our most recent datafile and I was forced to go back to an archived file that is held for emergency purposes. If you do not wish to receive our email alerts and eNewsletters, please click here to send an email to us so that we may remove your name from our database. Please be sure to put the word REMOVE on the subject line. Thank you.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sample of "The Hill" Propaganda Machine

Stopped by The Hill Blog for today's fill of propaganda, and of course was not dissappointed. You can have a look yourself, as below is the diatribe posted by Republican Whiner Fla. GOP Rep. Dave Weldon, who I guess is fine with each and every American man, woman and child in debt some #30,000 because of the tax breaks Bush and the Republicans have given to the rich and elite in the past six years.

Tax Increases Lurk Behind Coded Democratic Comments
November 14th, 2006
During a speech last week, Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary under Clinton and a top Democrat advisor on tax policy, spoke in code about his party’s commitment to raise taxes on millions of American families and businesses, saying, “You cannot solve this nation’s fiscal problem without increased revenue.” Rubin’s comment is only the latest signal from the new Democrat majority that automatic tax increases are in the future for Americans.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be confused by Rubin’s carefully worded comment about increasing government revenue. Democrats only have one plan when they talk about the budget: Tax increases. Cutting spending isn’t even mentioned as an option.

Posted by Fla. GOP Rep. Dave Weldon

Tell us Congressman Dave Weldon, do you believe in living within a budget, and not writing bad checks? If so, please explain how you can condone the debt that you and the Republicans have run up since Bush took office?

Open Communication...Letter Just Sent to "The Hill" Editor

Dear Editor:

I've been following "The Hill Blog", seen the way it is used by various elected officials, as well as special interest groups to pander their brand of propaganda to our elected officials...this would be fine, except your paper BLOCKS citizen comments on these blog posts, which runs contrary to the interactive nature of blogging and bloggers. As a result, a new The Hill blog has been started as a citizens protest against your publication that embraces stifling of free speech and open, honest dialogue. Worst, "The Hill" embraces giving certain special interest groups preferential access to our elected officials under the guise of granting them the label of policy makers. Perfect example of this was the AFL-CIO diatribe recently posted. Though I happen to agree with most of the political positions of the Minutemen, do not think they are any more a policy maker than the rest of us are, or should be. It is a government run FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE,which makes each of us a policy maker.

LOL....This is GREAT

The Hill...check out their address folks, and you can understand their closed access policy!
The Hill
1625 K Street
NW Suite 900Washington, DC 20006
202-628-8500 tel 202-628-8503 fax
Tom DeLay may be gone, but K Street Hypocracy
lives on. Elected officials should instruct their staff
NOT to read this publication till their blog is open to

The Hill Blog for REAL PEOPLE

As I develop and refine my political blogs, and familiarize myself with some of the major news sources and players in Washington, DC I am finding some disturbing trends. The most disturbing trend, is a publication called "The Hill" billed as a must read for anyone working inside the beltway. As a part of the publication, they have a blog where SPECIAL PEOPLE can post their personal brand of propaganda. Special people in this case means elected officials, their staff members, and policy makers (lobbyist and special interest folks). We, the dirty unwashed masses cannot even leave comments on this political diatribe. So, to BALANCE THE PLAYING FIELD, I've created "The Hill Blog" for REAL PEOPLE. You want to speak to your public officials, want to RANT about the federal government's incompetence, this is the place to do it, and if you read the header for this blog you'll know how to jump in and put up your own article addressed to the inner circle of Washington Elite.